Are we all mere apes?

Combining NFT’s with DEFI and Game theory!

This came across my desktop today… TBH I have not yet aped into the NFT space as much as I should have (with the exception of Street Fighter). …

FYI OPYN states ...

European: Options are exercised at expiry, and cannot be exercised prior.

What is Blockchain Technology?

Simply put, the blockchain is a network and/or a program that provides proof that things ‘exist’ and have happened’ and it does this in a way that cannot be corrupted through clever code. The benefit of this is that it creates ‘trust’ in a trustless environment both online and offline.

What is blockchain technology? Is it the magic pill? And should we pay attention to it? Well, you could write an encyclopedia on this topic. In the light of the early adopters that subsequently talk technobabble. First, I wanted to write a different article about this topic, a simpler piece…

Let's face it. No one likes filling in forms. Period.

So how do we keep up with compliance, and at the same time keep staff accountable and on task? (Without complaining.) …

Ok, so I wanted to provide the solution to my problem on this medium (Pardon the pun — or perhaps that’s why they chose this name?)

It is now Monday morning and over the weekend I spent some time thinking about this week’s marketing priorities for the two Wordpress websites I am currently managing. So therein lies the question. How do you prioritize online marketing?

Monday Morning Marketing Madness!

That is a loaded question because there are multiple avenues of…

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